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Raspberry Leaf Tea in Third Trimester

18 Oct

I have just ordered some Raspberry Leaf Tea from Holland and Barrett. This is meant to be very good for you in later pregnancy ( but should not be taken in early pregnancy due to risk of miscarriage)

It cost £1.79 for a box of 20, so I bought 2 boxes. I also did it via quidco.com, where you can get cashback, and Holland & Barrett give you a fantastic 10% cashback!

I checked to see which brand had the best strength of the actual Raspberry Leaf in, and this one was the best I could find.

So what does raspberry leaf tea do?

It apparently helps tone the uterus muscles, making it work better in labour, some say it speeds up your labour, it also is meant to reduce the risk of you needing intervention with the likes of forceps. Also after birth, its mean to help your uterus get back down to the normal size and help aid breastfeeding.

I can only speak for myself, but I took it with my first baby and had a very short labour-the first labour is on average 12 hours and mine was 4 hours. I really hope it wasn’t just luck, as I would love a labour like that again.

How much raspberry leaf tea?

Start at around 32 weeks, with one cup a day and gradually work your way up to a maximum of four cups a day.

Is raspberry leaf tea the same as raspberry tea?

No, it isn’t you need the raspberry LEAF tea. They use the leaves to make this tea.

Can anyone who is pregnant take Raspberry leaf tea? NO-not everyone-always check with your midwife etc before taking anything herbal like this. Some people such as those who had had a very short labour, or bleeds in pregnancy may not be advised to take Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Can I take the tablets instead of the tea? Yes.



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