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Top 26 Pregnancy Symptoms

30 Jun

Wondering if your pregnant?

These are the top 26 symptoms you could be pregnant! The drastic changes in hormones altering in your body can give you some clues…

  1. Tender, sore breasts
  2. Needing to wee frequently
  3. Feeling sick
  4. Feeling hungry
  5. Tiredness, in fact feeling exhausted!
  6. Heightened sense of smell
  7. Odd Taste in mouth
  8. Cravings
  9. Breasts becoming larger
  10. Changes in libido
  11. A positive pregnancy test-even a very faint line
  12. A missed period
  13. You have a ‘feeling’ you could be pregnant
  14. Feeling hormonal
  15. Skin changes
  16. Slight increase in temperature
  17. Implantation bleeding
  18. Back ache-especially lower back
  19. Headaches
  20. Going off certain foods you previously liked
  21. Heartburn
  22. Dull cramps-these are implantation cramps
  23. Bloating of the lower abdomen
  24. Increased discharge
  25. Darkening of the nipples
  26. Dizziness

                                                                                                              Tender, sore breasts.

Very early on the breast changes can be enough to notice. Even early on your body is preparing your breast for breastfeeding.

                                                                                                       Needing To Wee Frequently.

This is down to those lovely hormones. When your body starts to produce more progesterone, the embryo produces hCG to signal to your body your pregnant. The blood supply then begins to increase, this causes the kidneys to have to work harder, and the kidneys fill the bladder more frequently as a result

                                                                                                             Feeling Sick

Some people are lucky enough to escape so called Morning Sickness. (Poorly named as it can strike any time of the day).

This can be exacerbated by not eating frequently enough as the blood sugar levels can then drop. The cause of sickness is not been 100% pinpointed, however it is thought the hormones estrogen and  hCG could play a part in sickness as it rises in those first few weeks. It is also a theory it is designed to stop you eating things the body may consider harmful for the baby. Hence your body rejecting the food.

                                                                                                                      Feeling Hungry

Leptin-the hormone that regulates your hunger seems to be less effective in pregnancy leaving the path open more often for hunger pangs. This could also be natures way of ensuring you eat enough to get the nutrients to your growing baby to support the pregnancy.


This is due to the hormone progesterone-this hormone has a sedative like effect. Coupled with the fact your body is behind the scenes working very very hard.

                                                                                                      Heightened Sense of Smell

This is again caused by estrogen. It is again thought this could be to help you determine things that could be a possible danger for your unborn baby.

                                                                                                                   Odd Taste in Mouth

Known as dysgeusia, this is when you get a sour or metallic taste in the mouth. Again this is caused by the rise in estrogen.


This could be quite simply the bodies way of getting nutrients your in need of.

                                                                                                         Breasts becoming larger

This is caused by rising hormones, again due to your body getting ready for breastfeeding. Your veins will become more prominent to increase the blood flow to them, increasing the size.

                                                                                                                      Changes in Libido

This can go either way. You may have an increased, or decreased desire. This is caused by hormones. But other factors such as feeling tired and sick can decrease your libido too.

                                                                                      A Positive Pregnancy Test-Even a Faint Line.

Even the faintest line read within the correct reaction time is deemed a positive result. The reason for a lighter test is due to lesser amounts of the hormone hCG, probably meaning your quite early on. The test gets progressively darker with the increase of hCG as the days go on.

                                                                              You Just Have a ‘Feeling’ You Could Be Pregnant

Some women claim to be so in tune with their bodies,or feel different, they just know.

                                                                                                                      Feeling Hormonal.

Crying one minute over something silly, and over the moon the next? Angry over silly things? Yes, you guessed it the hormones are to blame. There are so many fluctuations in early pregnancy it can cause emotional responses.

                                                                                                                         Skin Changes

Similarly with some women throughout the menstrual cycle, they may get spots before their period and nice skin during ovulation. The changing hormones can cause a breakout, or unusually perfect skin that get people to say your “glowing”

                                                                                                       Slight Increase in Body Temperature

For those of you who were trying to conceive and were monitoring their BBT Basal Body Temperature, you may have noticed for you after ovulation, your temperature stayed high, or went higher. A sustained higher than normal temperature is a sure sign something’s happening inside.

                                                                                                                   Implantation Bleeding

Not everyone notices this. It may seem like your period is starting. You get a little bleed after ovulation usually 6-12 days later. This is the egg burrowing in the wall of your womb. It causes a bit of blood to fall away from the lining of your womb, hence the small bleed.


Back Ache-Especially The Lower Back

Again, hormones during pregnancy allow ligaments  to relax and the joints to become looser for giving birth. So with changes in joints and loosening of ligaments,it affects the support your back usually has.


These are hormone related headaches, similarly in  the way you may have got them in relation to your menstrual cycle.

                                                                                     Going of Certain Foods You Previously Liked

No one knows for sure why this happens-Again it probably has a lotto do with hormones and your bodies way of protecting your baby.


This is an unpleasant side effect experienced by some during pregnancy, and is caused by the hormone, progesterone, this hormone relaxes the valve at the top of your stomach, causing  stomach acid, sometimes with partially digested food, to come back up into your throat.

                                                                                                                           Dull Cramps.

These are caused by the process of implantation. Later on cramps can be caused by stretching of the uterus or braxton hicks.

                                                                                                     Bloating of The Lower Abdomen

This is due to the hormone progesterone, this hormone slows down the digestive tract, and also is the hormone that causes burping, farting and bloating. Nice!

Increased discharge

This is down to estrogen and that increased blood flow to the pelvic area.

                                                                                                            Darkening of The Nipples

This is caused again by the body preparing to breastfeed. It is thought the newborn baby can see the nipple easier with the limited newborn eyesight if its darker.


Dizziness can be caused by the lowering of bood pressure in pregnancy. This is perfectly normal for your blood pressure to drop. This is because your body is pumping nearly double the amount it usually has to, so the body is working very hard indeed.

I hope these top signs help, please remember everyone is different and so is every pregnancy. Some people remain symptomless and others may have the lot!



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