The Journey of Finding a Good Parent Facing Pushchair Begins!

28 Feb

As I type, I look outside and see the trees and people being blown around by the wind. My poor little girl has a strong dislike of the wind blowing in her face, and today protested by blowing raspberries!

So the wind being one of the many reasons, I have decided to sell my two prams, and invest in a decent parent facing, lightweight, reasonably small folding, comfy, roomy pushchair…but its proving so hard!

So today I went to both Mamas & Papas and Mothercare, and I want to tell you about the two we tested briefly.

1. Mamas & Papas Sola in Plum RRP£299Image

So Emily looked very comfy in it parent facing when we tested it in the shop. I love the patterns. It has multi postions and the bumper bar is a swing away one, which is easier with a toddler. It was lovely to push and lift onto back wheels (for when mounting kerbs etc)

I didn’t like how my little girls feet had no proper foot rest plate-they just dangled there when in parent facing mode.

It can also face away from parents by turning it around. My customer service experience was ok, but I had to prompt the lady to find out anything about the Sola unfortunately. The price of it wasn’t too bad-the one we looked at was in the sale at £199.99

Basic Accessories Cost:

  • Footmuff £54.00
  • Parasol £35.00
  • Changing Bag £ 39.00-49.00

2. Bugaboo Bee Plus, Mothercare RRP £479-£529 (More for special editions)

I was a bit more cynical of the Bugaboo Bee, thinking its all hype. Did you know, mini style icon Harper Beckham has this in pink? So, instantly its a style icon buggy, for the fashion conscious, with an army of celeb yummy mummies pushing there babies in it, I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

First of all, the lady in Mothercare was lovely-she was so helpful. She talked me through the features it had, and I sat my baby in it parent facing and had a little push. Now this feels more like a pushchair thats made to last-The quality is clear. It may be small. but its solid. I reckon I could get my 7 year old in it and it would be fine (not that I would try!)

It had a lovely smooth recline system, and a properly adjustable handle bar, that would suit the shortest to the tallest no problems. Baby, like in the Sola, looked comfy. But feet were dangling again however.

The lady showed me how it was folded, and it was nice and easy to fold-no faffing removing the seat unit, and you can pop it over your shoulder for those bus journeys etc. I just love how contemporary it looks, and it does not compromise quality along with that. So folded, it was nice and flat, and to unfold was super easy. This would definitely suit a parent wanting an investment pushchair-they hold there price and last well, so if your wanting to save it for future babies, it would last the time from what I hear.

Now, its the price tag that got me-£479!!! Ok, its great, ok its a Bugaboo, but thats a heck a lot of money…however, if your planning on using it for many years, think of the saving of buying cheap pushchairs only to have to sell them. You get what you pay for, and in this instance, I believe its true. Having had a few Mamas & Papas that I purchased on eBay with this or that broken, I wonder how strong they are-would the Sola last well? I have a hunch no.

Basic Accessories Cost:

  • Footmuff £94.95
  • Parasol £29.95
  • Changing Bag £89.95

Take a nosy at these celebs pushing the Bee..


Victoria Beckham with Harper in her Pink Bee (above)


Gwen Stefani


Denise Van Outen


Myleene Klass


Rachael Stevens

3. Icandy Cherry £320.00


I liked the look of this. It was able to parent face, and forward face. It looked gorgeous too. With a bumper bar, unlike the Bee. So a good place for me to start with research was Youtube, where I watched the product video-I also looked at the other videos done by normal parents reviewing it.

I have to say it was disappointing to see you had to take the seat unit off to fold it up. This is hassle I wouldn’t want personally. I want a buggy you just unfold/fold!!

It is very stylish and not badly priced for an entry level Icandy product-this retails at £320. Which I think is a good price! It comes in a range of lovely colours too. You can buy additional accessories such as a carrycot for newborn, footmuff, parasols and more.

Icandy really need to start selling online on another note-currently they only sell direct, through selected retailers. This put me off buying.

Basic accessories cost:

  • Footmuff: £80.00
  • Parasol: £30.00
  • Changing  Bag £55.00

So these were my 3 on the shortlist!

Which would you go for and why?

Will be back to say which I have chosen very shortly-watch this space!


Mother Purrees a CHEESEBURGER For Her Baby

28 Feb

I came across an article today about a cash strapped mum who didn’t know how to cook. Well she made cheeseburgers pureed for her baby.

Whats the issue behind this-is it laziness, or something else?

We readily have access to resources within the UK to help facilitate learning how to parent. Free access to Health Visitors and libraries. So, we should not be able to claim ignorance. I am genuinely baffled-one woman in the article was given a carrot and had no idea what it was…this is disturbing!! I find that hard to comprehend!

Perhaps its a sign of how these parents were themselves brought up-eating junk food, then the cycle repeats.

I personally sometimes get stuck for inspiring meals to cook my toddler. I highly recommend a book that was given to us when we were expecting by Anabel Karmel.


If your stuck, you can’t really go wrong with pureed fruit or pureed veg, with a little cheese, or some pasta.

With budgets being tighter for us all, I buy frozen vegetables, and boil up just what we need to avoid waste.

So what are your thoughts on this?

Would love to know!


A Simple Home Made Mexican Pizza Recipe That Takes Just 5 Minutes To Prepare!

26 Oct

Hi, I wanted to share my pizza recipe. I recently won a competition! I am a bit stunned I actually won something! :-)

Anyway, I thought it would be good to blog about, as its just so easy and fast to make. And us parents do struggle for time!

You Need:Pizza Bases
2x Fresh peppers
1 Onion
1x Tube of Tomato puree paste
Black olives, finely sliced
Lots of Mexicana Sweet Chilli Cheese to go on top

1. Cover your pizza base with tomato puree paste, then add toppings.
2.Add your Mexicana Sweet Chilli Cheese(remember to “accidentally cut too much so you can have a nibble!)
3.Put in oven at 220c for about 15 minutes
4.Before serving add fresh basil
5.Eat! :-)

Made the pizza so yummy. I recommend people try the cheese-its so nice. The only thing is its so good, I keep sneaking back to the fridge-shhh don’t tell anyone!


I’m Back Blogging! :-)

15 Oct

Hi Everyone.


I know I disappeared. My laptop has been out of action a while, and is now fixed…for now!

I have so much I want to share with you all.

Em is growing very big now. She is 10 months-where does time go?!

I recently became engaged to my other half (two weeks ago in fact) So, we have a wedding to plan. Very exciting times ahead :-)

We just got a kitten-10 weeks old, called Rosie-eldest daughter is over the moon. So I am currently sat here with kitten at one side, baby at the other!

I have finally managed to lose 95% of the baby weight. Its been tough, but I did it-well, almost there!


Still breastfeeding, but planning on stopping soon.


So this, is just a short hello again, and I will be blogging in depth again on pregnancy health, breastfeeding, losing baby weight-how I did it, baby related issues and tips!

Hope your all good


Emilys First Fathers Day & First Word!! knowsley Safari Park & Pizza Hut

18 Jun

So yesterday was Emilys first Fathers Day. A day I had planned to make special for a while. The weather, being so unpredictable, made it hard to know what to plan.

Anyway, we started the day by bringing him a cup of coffee in bed in his new mug….

And proceeded to give him his cards.

We then got ready to go out and I gave him a postcode and told him to drive there! He had no idea where we were going!

Anyway, when signs for Knowlesy Safari park began to emerge, I began giggling like an idiot and gave it away!! It was hard keeping a secret!!

I had booked online, and been impressed with reviews I had read on I highly recommend checking reviews before going anywhere like this.

Our Meerkat Popcorn at the knowsley safari park Entrance

It was great fun driving around the safari park. We got so close to the lions/lionesses, it was amazing!!

So close to the car, I was so excited, Eldest was scared!!

Lioness looking right at me!!

Then we saw the baboons-be warned. These guys are extremly cheeky and have a love of collecting car parts. You can go a vandal free route, should you chose…we didn’t. We decided to take our 6 month old white car the baboon route and got the roof peed, and pooped on and rear wiper end pulled off. Oh dear!! I always thought they only did it to people enticing them, but as it turns out, they like any car!!


Baboons figuring out what to pull of this nice little car in front of us

The baboons were my favourite though!!

So we went around the park safari, then went on foot to see the shop, sea lion show, rides, birds of prey, bat house and insects etc, before going to Pizza Hut

So I booked a table at Pizza Hut online, which is always handy….

our milkshakes at pizza hut-they forgot the sauce!!

Food was yummy, service great-but they didnt put sauce on our milkshakes, and I saw someone else get some with loads on!

On way hom we saw this cool gremlins car!! Love it

When we were on our way home, Emily said “Mama” for the first time!! I had been trying to get her to say “Dada” all week for Fathers Day, but I was so over the moon-few things are as precious as hearing your baby’s first words!

So that was our Fathers Day!


Review of WaterBaby Pregnancy Care Water in Cranberry Bloom

18 Jun

                Profile picture

Some of you who follow my blog may have already seen, last year, I did a review of WaterBaby Hint of Citrus flavour when I was pregnant and loved it! (See that) review here:

So when WaterBaby offered to send me this new flavour to try now I have had my baby, I jumped at the chance!

So what is WaterBaby?

Emily inspects WaterBaby thoroughly, before giving a thumbs up!

“WaterBaby is an everyday water drink and a new approach to pregnancy care. WaterBaby is fortified with the recommended daily intake of Folic Acid and a careful blend of supporting vitamins and minerals including Zinc and Calcium designed to provide a refreshing and palatable way to extra hydration and nutritional support during all stages of conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding.”

So I have recently reached the 6 month breastfeeding milestone-that means my body has had demands on it for 15 months! I am a busy mum of 2, and have little time to always ensure I eat well.

My Verdict?

I love love LOVE this product, its nice to replace my normal boring water, as I usually carry a bottle of water everywhere….

Taking WaterBaby with me to keep hydrated on a walk!

  • It is great for pregnancy for those who suffer morning sickness and struggle(or just dislike) taking pills
  • Its great for those trying for a baby for ensuring you get youR nutrients
  • And great for people like me-always on the go, or stuck on the sofa breastfeeding!!

Its important to stay hydrated when breastfeeding, and I have been able to use one bottle whilst breastfeeding on the sofa, one on a nice walk, and one for in the car(multi tasking :-D)

The Taste-Really nice. Its a lovely refreshing, mild cranberry taste. You don’t feel your taking a supplement at all, its that nice.

In a nut shell-Its delicious!

It comes nicely packaged in a box and wrapped like this:

Now which do I like best? Hmm…its tough, because both are yummy! You can buy a mix of the two flavours and make your own mind up and let me know!

More info+to order


Should companies have individual Twitter accounts for different areas or one “master account”?

16 Jun


great insightful article

Originally posted on Gareth Robinson:

Image from pixar short of birds

Tweeting is no longer a niche activity, there are now over 140 million active user accounts and 100,000 tweets are being posted every minute. Companies like Dell have generated over $6.5m in sales from their twitter account and brands like Comcast and Dyson have successfully managed customer service through theirs. A question that came up at a networking event I attended in Bristol recently and has also been posted on LinkedIn is whether or not a company should have multiple twitter accounts to cover different topics e.g. sales, customer service, PR etc OR whether they should instead start with one account and see how successful this is before opening more. Below are my thoughts on the pros and cons of each with my opinion as to which approach is most appropriate at the end.

Option One Twitter “master” account for all social media activity e.g. Dyson who have askdyson for…

View original 592 more words


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